Monday, January 24, 2011


Floyd's 1921 House, on Bridges Street in Morehead City, is in an historic home.  Restaurant reviews online are mostly good, so I was intrigued, especially when a friend recommended it as a great place to eat.

The dining area is on the dark side, but still inviting, and management is in the process of redecorating with art work.
Having a mold allergy, I immediately smelled mildew -- common in older homes in the South.  My hubby did not detect any moldy odors.  Service is friendly and attentive, and as soon as we made our way through the extensive menu offerings, we placed our order.  For Guy, it was meatloaf, French fries and coleslaw.  He got the one-slice for $6.95.

For me, it was the dill Chicken salad wrap with garlicky green beans for $8.95.

Guy's entree came with two sides, and my wrap came with one side.

Our server brought us some warm savory muffins to start our meal.  I declined, but Guy said they were good.

Guy's meatloaf was exquisite, best I've ever tasted.  Our server said it is their most popular menu item.  One slice was plenty big.  He also liked his fries, but the coleslaw had too much dressing and a bitter taste.

One bite of my chicken salad and I knew I couldn't eat it.  It was salty, drowning in dressing, and just didn't taste good. The wrap, itself, was very unappealing.  The green beans were just okay.

Our server wanted to bring me something else, but I declined.  The  manager came to our table and insisted she wanted me to order something else.  I ordered the Reuben, thinking that would be fairly safe.  
The corned beef was cut too thick, but the sandwich tasted okay, not great, just okay.  The bread was beautiful, a nice marbled rye loaf, but it had been grilled with far too much butter (or oil or whatever) and was terribly greasy.  It's interesting that the photo does not pick up on the grease.  Even Guy, who has eaten plenty of Reubens commented on the greasy look of the bread.
Our server and the manager both came to our table to ask how everything was with the new order.  I lied and said it was fine.  I pulled off the bread as I ate the middle of the sandwich.

Floyd's has a big heart on one of the walls.  I believe management is striving to provide a memorable dining experience for its patrons and gives excellent service and attention.  

There is potential here, but we won't be returning.  Not with Chef's 105 and RAPS Grill and Bar to choose from.  I know we can get consistently well-prepared food at our two favorite dining spots, and usually when we leave either of those places, we are both raving about what we ate.

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