Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ever since I tasted some of Chef Andy Hopper's winning food at the Taste of Coastal Carolina, I wanted to visit his Morehead City restaurant and get some more.  We finally had the opportunity this week to have lunch  in Morehead City on a day the restaurant was open (Monday).  The outside of the restaurant is landscaped Caribbean style with lush tropical plants.  The inside is spacious  with high ceilings and nice ambiance.
 A good-sized bar is in the dining area.
There are plenty of  tables in the downstairs area, with more upstairs.
You can get to the open-air dining through the main dining area, or from the outside.  The ocean breeze, umbrella-topped tables, water views and Island music brought us both back to St. Lucia, where Guy worked for more than a decade.  We were feeling very nostalgic.
Our server was young, vibrant, enthusiastic and friendly.  Guy ordered the crab cake sandwich ($12.00) and selected onion rings as his side.  The crab cake came on an onion roll with lettuce, tomato and a remoulade sauce on the side.  Guy is somewhat of a crab cake snob and not so easy to please.  He loved the crab cake and said it had no filler.  The sauce had a bit of a zing and went well with the crab.  Amazingly, he was very happy, but I think the Caribbean-type setting had something to do with it.
I ordered the special of the day:  a grouper wrap ($11.00) -- fried grouper with mixed greens, tomato, onion, Swiss and pesto.  I asked them to hold the onion and selected veggies for my side.  The sandwich was wicked good.  This was not a cold wrap.  The tortilla was filled with the hot fish, Swiss cheese, greens and pesto then grilled.  The greens wilted, the cheese melted and the tortilla wrap got just slightly crispy.  The fried fish gave the sandwich a nice crunchy component.  The veggies were served in a ramekin with the broccolini standing up.
So it was a $27.00 lunch plus tip.  We spent almost $24 at Olive Garden the previous week and had a very forgettable meal, so in my book it was worth every penny, and we'll definitely go back.  I visited the ladies room after lunch, then headed out to the open-air dining area, but Guy had gone.  He was across the street, chatting with one of the guys by the boats.  Yes, this restaurant is on my list for a redo.  I want more of Chef Hopper's fabulous food.


  1. We love Chef's 105!!! Glad you also like it

  2. Wish I'd found you before, we go home on Sunday, ah well, maybe next year.


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