Sunday, January 16, 2011


Pollock Street Deli is not a bad place for a deli-style lunch, so hub and I thought we would try it for breakfast.  Their menu of breakfast items is quite extensive, even including eggs benedict and lobster and eggs.  The building, itself, is a charming antique home that's been converted to commercial use while retaining the old-time atmosphere.  The temperature outside was below 40F the morning we visited, so we opted to dine upstairs, away from the constant opening and closing of the front door.  The quaint upstairs has the feel of a Williamsburg tavern.
It wasn't any warmer up there, though.  The building is just plain drafty.  Having lived in an antique home in New Jersey, I should have known this would be the case.  So I kept my jacket on through breakfast and still couldn't warm up.

Hub immediately zeroed in on a two-egg platter with ham, potatoes and toast for $4.75.  Great price.  He also ordered a tomato juice over ice.

I ordered an egg on a roll with cheese and sausage patties for $3.95.  Another great price.  I also ordered a cup of decaf.
Hub's breakfast looked amazing, especially the ham.
Unfortunately, the potatoes were overcooked and the eggs and potatoes were both greasy.  He couldn't finish.  The ham was good though.

My sausage patties were unappetizing, and my egg was dripping grease.  I wasn't able to finish either, and got sick after I ate.  The coffee was hot but didn't have much flavor.

I really like Pollock Street Deli.  I like restaurants in old homes, and I really liked the menu and the great prices.  The staff is friendly and the service is good.  But, honestly, we were disappointed with this breakfast, as we are both averse to grease.  Loyal patrons of Billy's Ham and Eggs, a local restaurant that is no longer in business, may disagree since that seemed to be the major draw there.

We may go back sometime, especially with out-of-town guests who would appreciate the charm of the old building.  For lunch of course.....and on a warmer day.


  1. Stop going out to eat if you can't ever find anything worthwhile.

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