Saturday, January 1, 2011


You might not think that bar food would be anything to rave about.  It's mostly guy food -- lots of beef sandwiches and high-carb offerings.  But RAPS is something to rave about.  The food is consistently well prepared and delicious.  And if it isn't haute cuisine, I can still celebrate the fact that I always eat every drop of what I order, because it's good.  Maybe not all at once since servings are huge (remember, it's guy food), but eventually.  Take, for instance, our recent lunch there, when hubby Guy ordered the Prime Rib Sandwich special, served with melted Swiss cheese on a Kaiser roll and mashed potatoes.

And I ordered the Crystal Club -- chicken pecan salad with bacon, lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread.  It was served with RAPS' homemade potato chips.

Guy hardly spoke, and his eyes glassed over as he ate his sandwich.  He had not one complaint about his meal, as usual.  He eats there often and has never had a bad meal.

I've only eaten at RAPS a few times, but my experience has been the same.  The chicken pecan salad was amazing --  full of flavor, not much mayo.  I took one half home to finish the next day and it was still good.

The folks at RAPS are a pleasant crew and the service is good.  Prices are reasonable.  It's a typical bar scene, but it feels comfortable.
You can eat at the bar, or in a booth.
RAPS is one of our favorite places to eat in Morehead City.  Visit their WEBSITE for more information, including their menu.

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