Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Trip Advisor is a great resource when you're looking for a restaurant, especially in an unfamiliar area.  Reviews for Sammy's Ice House were good -- so good that we decided to give it a try.  Right on the beach, Sammy's has a perfect location.  They're set up for drinking, with the bar taking center stage.

There are no booths, just small but adequate bar tables with bar stools.

Guy and I both wanted crab cakes.  He ordered the sandwich with fries for $10.95.

I ordered the crab cake by itself, no roll, no fries, for $8.95.

The crabcakes were huge, full of crabmeat and deep fried.  The flavor was good and the crab meat was tender and creamy.  Our server said the crab cakes were hand mixed and fresh, and it was obvious that they were.  Guy's french fries were disappointingly undercooked, though, and not a bit crispy.

The servers at Sammy's are uber friendly, but check your bill carefully because they do make mistakes.
At the risk of being told once again that I'm ugly, I will say that I am wondering how Sammy's got such good reviews on Trip Advisor.  The place is just okay for hub and me and we don't plan to return.  Around the corner is Rap's, a bar with good food, friendly service and lower prices .  Right across the street is Ruddy Duck with good food, good atmosphere and more food choices for about the same price.

Update March, 2012:  Sammy's Ice House is no longer open for lunch.  

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