Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm on a quest to find the best breakfast place in New Bern.  Hubby and I started at The Country Biscuit.  They advertise regularly in the Sun Journal and in our neighborhood newspaper, the Greenbrier Gazette.  The building doesn't look like much from the outside, and the location is not the best either.  Inside is no better.  It resembles a makeshift operation.  Okay, so no ambience.  We're after good food and good prices.  The place is packed on a Saturday morning around 9:00, and that seemed like a good sign.

The menu is quite extensive with lots of offerings, but nothing is really cheap.  So much for prices.  The food must be great then, or so we thought.  Guy ordered the Country Gentleman's Special for $7.50.
He said everything tasted fine, but the sausage was a very unappetizing sickly grey color, and the plate was just plopped on the table diner style.
I ordered one scrambled egg with grits and a biscuit.
The egg was "scrambled" before it was fried and was overcooked.  The grits were instant with no flavor, and   the bacon was just okay, but slightly greasy.
The biscuit was warm but had been reheated.  It was hard, dried out and inedible.
I'm not seeing much of anything at Country Biscuit:  no atmosphere, no serving grace, no presentation, no view.  Prices are too high for the quality (or lack of) and food is subpar at best.


  1. I a a breakfast person, so I will be interested to see what you discover in New Bern! I am a fan of Carolina Bagel, Port City Coffee, and Bakers Square. I also enjoy Lawson's Landing, which I know you are not a fan of, but I had the best Pumpkin waffle and quiche there! That's about all I have found in New Bern for breakfast. Tried Mel's last weekend. Not a fan!

  2. I like french toast breakfast at Baker's square. Carolina Bagel is okay too. I will never set foot again in Country Biscuit. We ate there once and it was just nasty.

  3. If I would have known you were using the photographs you asked to take to bash my place of employment, a family establishment with people lined up out the front door for over 40 years, I would have told you no. But, because you were a "professional photographer" as you stated, I figured you were a legit person. Bashing a New Bern staple for country cooking isn't legit, your simply just airing out your opinions on a blog that it seems like not too many people read.

    Good Luck in your food review endeavors. Just please don't expect me to me so kind and polite if I ever wait on you again.

  4. Anonymous, First off, no one ever stated that I was a professional photographer. My husband mentioned that I have a food blog and that I do restaurant reviews, which I have a right to do. I like country cooking, but not food that isn't prepared well. If your food was good, I would have stated that. Unfortunately, it wasn't and you won't have to wait on me again.

  5. The most important thing to do before you select a restaurant is to find out how clean it is and if their food handling practices are safe. No, I will not just say if the grade is below this or that, I won’t eat there. Find out why the grade is what it is; broken tile, light not working, or something that could make you sick like food not at the correct temp, rodents, flies, raw food with cooked food, etc.

    Lawson Landing – made a reservation, checked the sanitation report, cancelled the reservation. Their grade is 94 due to unsafe food handling practices. I have never eaten food so good it was worth getting sick over.

    Go online and read some, you will think twice about some of the places in this town.

  6. Anonymous, Thanks for that great dining tip. I am going to start checking sanitation reports. Didn't know they were online.

  7. It's okay Anonymous, let the old woman take her pictures and complain about the food. The only reason she is doing it is probably because she can't cook for herself anyways. As a server/bartender myself I know the type. I deal with people like her all the time. If you don't cater to little EVERYTHING they want, then that means your place of buisness is nasty and your food is too shame. So let her be the nasty old woamn she is and talk how she wants to you and know your the better person for taking care of her and actually letting her do what she does by falsly advertising herself and slandering you. Hmmm I think you minght sue if you want. Wouldn't that be fun?


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