Friday, November 26, 2010


We've been residents of New Bern since 1993.  Coming from the mountains of New Jersey, where the fall foliage is spectacular year after year, I missed seeing nature's golds and reds in the changing leaves.  Every autumn made me homesick for New Jersey.  The abundance of pine trees, fewer hardwood trees, and warmer temperatures has made New Bern's fall usually lackluster.  Until this year.  The right combination of rainfall, cool daytime temperatures and cool but not freezing nights has produced a color extravaganza.
Never have I seen such deep hues.  This year, the trees are clothed in fall's splendor as never before.
The colors are so brilliant, they are impossible to ignore.  Each day, as I gaze out my kitchen window, I marvel again at nature's magnificence.  We're unlikely to have a repeat performance, so I've been drinking in all I can before it's gone.

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