Friday, November 19, 2010


If you like Almond Tree Café, you’ll love their new breakfast and lunch place in the History Education Center   on Front Street, across from the Farmer's Market.  Almond Tree shut down its Middle Street location to move here.  While the food is not upscale gourmet, it is homemade, ingredients are fresh and most folks find it appealing.

Sip on your cappuccino, chai tea or hot chocolate as you look out the large windows onto one of the best water views in the city.   Bring your camera because you may be dining with someone from the 18th century.

Lunch, served 7 days a week, includes wraps or sandwiches that come with chips and homemade black bean hummus as well as your choice of side, and all under $6.50.  Children’s menu, salads, soup, house specials, ice cream by the scoop and desserts are also available.

Three of us ate lunch there recently.  After we placed our orders, a large basket of multi-grain chips and homemade black bean salsa arrived at our table.

I had a chicken salad wrap with a side of mac'n cheese, $6.25.  The chicken salad was not in chunks.  It was done in a machine and was ground finely.  The flavor was good, but I did not like the texture.  It also had a lot of mayo.  The mac'n cheese was very tasty, but sparse on the cheese.

Carole had the Hot Roast Beef sandwich with provolone and onions, served on a roll with dipping sauce, $6.45.  (Should they call this a French dip?)  Carole loved it and said the roll was very fresh and the beef was delicious, and said her side of coleslaw was also very good.  

Rita ordered the Cranberry and Almond Salad (dried cranberries and almonds served over a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and cheddar cheese wedges), $5.95.  There were no sides with this and no bread or crackers.  Rita said it was delicious and she enjoyed it.

Breakfast is served starting at 8AM, Monday through Saturday.  You can get five kinds of waffles with fruit or meat for under $5, or scrambled egg, bacon and Swiss on a croissant for $3.99, plus other offerings.  They've got you covered in the beverage department -- coffee, latte, cappuccino, chai tea, hot chocolate, and even espresso are all available.

Hubby and I ate there last week, after we went to the Farmer's Market.  As soon as we entered, we smelled bacon....grease.  Hubby ordered the Belgian Waffle with a sausage patty, $4.25.  We both passed on coffee.
His waffle came stone cold with cold butter mounded on top.  The sausage was cut into 4 pieces and was dry and overcooked.  The sausage tasted as if it had been cooked in bacon grease.
I ordered the Egg Croissant (scrambled egg with bacon, tomato and swiss cheese), $3.99.  But they were out of croissants.  I asked for a sweet potato biscuit, and they hadn't made them yet (It was 9:30 AM).  So I had my scrambled eggs on a plate.  The eggs tasted as if they had been cooked in bacon grease, and I got sick after I ate this.
We complained to the server about the sausage.  Nothing was taken off the bill.  Guess who's not going back?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is lovely! Wonderful pictures of the food plates. The lunch looks great, and I want that French dip sandwich! And the breakfast looks as bad as the lunch was good! But great prices.

  2. Please check their grade, it is 94. This is due to foods not being held at the correct temps, both warm and cold. We will not visit until this is corrected and the grade improves.

  3. I visited here this past sunday (8.21). I was not pleased with there food and will not be going back. My eggs were cold and tasted like more milk than anything, the hashbrowns tasted like bacon, and the toast was only toasted on one side. I hope that everyone will take my advice, from what I had to pay I would have been better off going to IHOP. Plus there sanitation score is a 94 and not once did I see anyone wash there hands. This place should be shut down. It has such a beautiful location and I feel that there should be something worthy in its place instead of this so called "cafe".
    Best Wishes

  4. Betty, thanks for your feedback. I had a discussion with the manager who explained they really don't have a kitchen to work in. They bring food in, already cooked, and just heat it on hot plates. While I definitely empathize with her challenges, I don't feel this is place is safe to eat in, regardless of their specials and regardless of their beautiful location. More of our tax dollars gone to waste.

  5. Everyone needs to try this place again they are serving great breakfest and lunch and dinner now I love it

    1. Anonymous, thanks for your feedback. I, and others, are squeamish about eating there because of food safety issues -- cold water in the restrooms for hand washing, inability to keep foods at a safe temperature, etc. If changes have been made that address these issues, then definitely we'll give it another try.


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