Sunday, June 9, 2013


We recently converted our covered porch to a sunroom.  Because we added sunroom furniture, we lost space for one of our tables.  The table pictured above is 25" x 33", perfect for an entry, a plant stand, an eating/snack table, or a place to do paper work.  The chairs are not for sale.

We've invested considerable time and money in restoring the legs.  They're freshly painted, including gold paint for the Singer name.

The Singer trademark is also detailed beautifully in gold paint.

The durable granite is encased in wood for a nice custom effect.  The granite is very dark green which presents as more of a black color until you look carefully and see the green specks.

We're very sad to see this beauty go, but we just don't have room for it.  Our other table is currently in the garage awaiting restoration, and the one you see above, already restored, is the one we're selling for a very reasonable price of $169.00.  This item is too heavy to be shipped, so you have to live in or near New Bern, or be willing to travel to New Bern, to take advantage of this offer.  Please leave a comment  at the bottom of this post with your contact information if you are interested.


  1. That's a beautiful table and an incredibly good price. I especially like the gold paint on the trademark. You and your husband are talented guys. Someone will surely snap this up quickly. I continue to enjoy your blogs, Judy.

    Best, Pat

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for your comments. As an experienced antique dealer, your word carries weight with me, and I hope with a buyer.

  2. I have a similar table, only with a marble top. I keep it at the end of my kitchen counter to extend the space, even though it is not the same height as the counter, and it looks fabulous in my kitchen. This is a real beauty Judy. It should go fast.

    I've also seen these tables used on screened porches as a hall table in the entrance of narrow porches. They are very versatile. A pretty vintage lamp looks nice on it too.

    1. Hi Sam, thanks for your ideas on this. I bet your marble-topped table is great for rolling out pie dough or tart crusts.


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