Saturday, August 4, 2012


Here's an exciting giveaway from one of my favorite gals that I've posted about previously.  She makes cupcakes, but not ordinary ones.  I love Nicole and what she has brought to our little town of New Bern, so please read below how you can be entered into this fabulous giveaway.  If you can't wait, just go on over to Rebecca's on Metcalf Street, where you will find Nicole and her cupcakes.

Check out Nicole's website and her facebook page. 

Nicole says, 
"This is how it's going to work...I haven't done a give away throughout the entirety of The Wild Cupcake's existence...when I reach 500 (my goal that I had for The Wild Cupcake when all of this mayhem started) I will give out a free dozen (that I will hand deliver) to one lucky winner. Rules of engagement...if you are in the New Bern (Havelock, Morehead, James City, get the idea) area (and you must be local...sorry for any disappointment) feel free to enter this give away by liking this post and sharing The wild Cupcake's page with your friends (YOU MUST SHARE TO BE CONSIDERED)...leave a comment below that says you liked and shared (must leave the comment or you are not eligible...because I'm not super tech savvy and wouldn't know unless you told me...honor system). Once I reach the magic number I will literally put your names in a hat and draw the winner...I will worries...I will also be in and out of town quite a lot this month...but no worries...I have cupcakes for you...May the force (of cupcakes) be with you"

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