Sunday, April 15, 2012


The remains of 65 bales of pinestraw
Warmer winter weather gave us an early start on yard work this year, so instead of blogging, I've been outside.  We're nearing the end of our pinestraw delivery, but it's been a long, slow process.  I admit it, we've neglected our yard and this was the year we could no longer ignore the work that was needed to get it back into shape.

Two Chinese fringe trees purchased from Trent Woods Hardware & Garden Center five years ago have become the shining stars of our landscape.  Not only are they super hardy and easy to grow, but also they are  stunningly beautiful in early spring when they are covered with snow-white fringe blossoms.
One of our Chinese fringe trees
People are constantly stopping and asking what they are and commenting on their striking beauty.
Flowers almost look like they're cut, or fringed, hence the name.
Some of the beds that we've completed
One of the last beds needing work
Hubby has been building frames for pea gravel by the perimeter of our house.  We've been told it will help with pest infestations, especially spiders and roaches.  Anything that will limit the amount of pesticides sprayed around and inside our house is welcome.
An 18" border of pea gravel will deter pests from entering a home.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful! I am jealous!

  2. Oh my, those are some beautiful beds! My husband and I have been digging in the dirt too! Isn't it fun! I love it! Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful garden!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. What a fantastic spot! Just beautiful! I know it is a lot of work involved, but the result is a good feeling.


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