Monday, November 28, 2011


Artificial wreaths can be boring.  They have no aroma and the plastic needles and leaves can look so, well, plastic.  But if your yard is like mine, there are plenty of live greens that can be added to kick up the look, and give fragrance.  Rosemary, nandina and weeping youpon provided me the opportunity to do just that.  (They are all evergreens, and the nandina and youpon produce berries as well as bright green and red leaves.  Rosemary is also delightfully fragrant.)  

It's easy to do.  Just slip some cuttings through openings in the wreath -- no need to attach with wires or tape.  Here I am, attaching rosemary to a wreath that hangs on our welcome dog.  The red/green leaves are nandina.

Doesn't he look cute with his festive greens?  A sprig of youpon with berries is clenched in his mouth.

The greens were free, and add fresh notes to otherwise old and stodgy wreaths.  Give it a try.  It'll only cost you some time.


  1. What a fun idea!! I hope other people will post more holiday crafty ideas, I just love them.

  2. Thanks, ladies, for your positive feedback. I hesitated to post this.


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