Thursday, September 29, 2011


We recently went back to Captain Ratty's so that I could try their fish tacos.  I've been spoiled, after having tasted some of the absolute best at Noisy Oyster in Charleston, SC, and The O'Bistro Cafe in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.  It's been a tortuous wait since then, hoping that local restaurants would catch on (no pun intended) to this craze.  With an abundance of fresh fish in Eastern Carolina, it would seem like a no brainer.

Captain Ratty's makes their fish tacos with their "fresh catch" of the day.  It happened to be salmon the day we were there.  We all know there is no salmon in our local waters, and I particularly like to avoid Atlantic salmon since it is always farm raised and loaded with antibiotics, hormones and other yuk stuff.  But I wanted to try the fish tacos, so that's what I ordered.

What can I say?  These were not the best fish tacos I've had, but they were okay.  The salmon was grilled, not fried, which is my preference, but the seasonings were one dimensional.

Guy's not fond of salmon, regardless of the source, so he ordered the shrimp wrap thinking it would be a shrimp taco.  (The fish taco I had at Noisy Oyster was wrapped and it was unbelievably good.)  But Guy was served a cold sandwich wrap, not what he expected.  He didn't finish it, but I didn't think it looked that bad.

Captain Ratty's has good prices, great service and their food is okay, so it's a good choice for a quick and decent meal.  But I'll eat my fish tacos at home.

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