Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Crab season is officially here, and the crabs are huge this year!  The Crab Guy got 80 beautiful blue claws for this party.  They were full of sweet crab meat and perfectly steamed.  The Crab Guy always removes the backs of the crabs and cleans out the innards, then ices the crabs.  They go into the steamer cleaned, so they're not only easier to eat, they taste better.  Some Chesapeake Bay seafood seasoning is sprinkled over the crab layers in the steamer, and cider vinegar spiced with the seasoning along with melted butter go on the table with the crabs.  There's nothing fussy here -- the crabs are dumped in the center of the table and people help themselves.

Two tables were set up for crabs with appropriate crab paper and The Crab Guy's own handmade crab boards.

In the meantime, for those who were waiting to get to a crab table, there was plenty of food to keep them from starving.  For instance, these great stuffed crabs, made by Gary:

Besides my salted oatmeal-cranberry-white chocolate chunk-pecan cookies, I brought some homemade sun-dried tomato hummus --
There were lots of fresh veggies and dip, thanks to Joann --
Several pasta salads, potato salads, dips and spreads also graced the table.
No one left hungry -- or thirsty for that matter.  A keg of beer was emptied plus a lot of wine, soda and water.  This was one hungry crowd.
I'm not sure how many people were there.  Some were inside, some were outside, some were walking in the woods, some were playing ball on the front lawn.  There were a lot.
There were all ages -- young'ns,

parents of all ages, and seniors.
Joann and Danny found a spot near the fire pit.
The Crab Guy and I joined them there.
But, sadly, somehow I missed taking a photo of our hosts.  Mickey and Tom, forgive me.  I'll get you next year, promise.


  1. Very nice blog entry on our party, beautiful pictures with one exception! No picture of the host or hostess yet the rugrat is well represented with a solo picture enjoying the one prized chocolate chip cookie, no I don't feel slighted one bit :)

  2. Great party and beautiful food, thanks for sharing.


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